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5 Tips for an Organized Home

March 13, 2023

The mountains of laundry on the floor. The papers scattered on your countertops. The books hanging precariously off the edge of your nightstand. Amazon returns sitting in the entryway that are past the refund window. The cabinet or closet doors that you are afraid to open for fear that things will come tumbling out on you. The makeup and serums left on the bathroom counter. The toys that are… well, everywhere.

Research has shown that clutter can affect your mental and physical health in a negative way. One study even went on to show that women who reported more clutter in their homes had higher levels of cortisol (the stress hormone we want to avoid). Anxiety and depression are on the rise in America and around many parts of the world. Getting rid of clutter and organizing your home can help you feel calmer and more focused. 

Here are some tips to clear clutter hot spots…

1. Create a system for paperwork

If you don’t already have a space to collect mail and paperwork (papers flung on the dining table or kitchen counters don’t count), set a system up today. This could be as simple as a basket or hanging file by the front door or wherever makes sense for you to drop your mail. You’re looking at your kitchen counters again, aren’t you? It’s OK. You can put a basket or tray there to corral all the papers.

Schedule time to go through the paperwork; this can be a set time each week or it may vary with your schedule. If you can add a trash can or shredder near your paper pile, that will save you time.

2. If you buy something, add something to your donation pile

If physical clutter is stressing you out, try to be mindful when you are shopping. Do you really need that item? If you want it, buy it. However, when you get home, find something that you can add to your donation bag. Make sure that you schedule a time to drop off your donations.

3. Get rid of expired food

Clear out your fridge. Toss anything that looks suspicious or is past the expiration date. If you have time, clean out your pantry as well. Spices lose their flavor over time. Check your spices to see if they are still flavorful.

4. Declutter your surfaces

Clean off your desk, the kitchen counters, and any other flat surface where clutter has accumulated. Grab a trash bag and clear the trash. Grab a basket and put anything that needs to be relocated in it. Organize and put away whatever is left.

5. Schedule decluttering and organizing time on your calendar

Schedule regular decluttering sessions on your calendar (for example, Monday-Friday from 7-7:30 PM or every Sunday from 2-3 PM). Work on decluttering and organizing visible clutter before tackling hidden clutter- unless there is something that frustrates you more than the clutter that is out in the open. If the hallway closet annoys you every day, start there. Starting with a small space with minimal clutter or starting with a space that frustrates you the most tend to be the best places to start.

I hope you enjoy your decluttered space and have more time to focus on the things that you enjoy. Are you feeling stressed out by mental clutter? You may want to check out this blog post. If you have any questions, I am always here to help!

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